We believe in YOUR right to do what you want with YOUR business.

If you really don't want law-abiding citizens bringing their legal handguns into your business, that is your right and we respect that.  While we can't understand why you only want criminals and people who will ignore your sign and your rights to bring in their guns, we respect your right to make that choice.

We would like you to consider a couple things.  

  • A criminal with a gun is probably there to do you harm and your sign won't stop them - they're a criminal - remember?  
  • A legal concealed carry permit holder is there to do you good - do business with you and in fact would probably defend you against the criminal.
  • Your sign lets the criminal know YOU are an easy target.  Think about it.  If you are a robber, which store will you rob?  The one where you know (because there's a sign) no one is carrying a gun or one where someone might shoot you?  Now I know most criminals aren't that smart, but most of them can figure this one out.

It's your choice to allow legal guns or to prohibit them.  It's our choice to take the risk to disarm just to do business with you and we choose not to.  So whenever we see a sign like yours - we will respect your wishes and DO BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.